DynOptic Systems

Dynoptic Systems is a recognised specialist in the design and manufacture of high technology instrumentation for opacity, dust and particulate monitoring.

Dynoptic Product Applications

Below are our core product applications, simply select them for more information about suitable monitors



Dynoptic opacity monitors use the light transmission technique to measure the visible opacity of exhaust gas in a duct, stack or flue.



Particulate monitoring requires the measurement of the mass concentration of particulate matter in stack emissions to atmosphere.



Dynoptic dust monitors use DDP (optical scintillation which measures the dynamic fluctuation in light transmission as dust particles move through a light beam.

Dynoptic Systems - Opacity, Dust and Particulate monitoring

Dynoptic Systems, an ACOEM Group company is a recognised specialist in the design and manufacture of high technology instrumentation for continuous emission monitoring.

We offer an innovative range of opacity, dust, particulate and smoke monitors to suit a variety of continuous emission applications such as boilers, filter bag houses, incinerators and other industrial and marine processes.

From our large modern facility in rural Northamptonshire, we design and manufacture all our own products. We export worldwide to more than 40 countries, either through our network of local distributors or directly from our offices here in the UK.

Engineered for accuracy and performance, our instruments are of rugged design and have an excellent reliability record, which has seen them become the industry standard for many large OEM customers.

Dynoptic Systems are installed in more than 30 countries wordwide with references in:

Asia | Europe | Middle East | Americas | Oceania | Africa

Latest news

Keep up to date with the latest product information and installation progress from Dynoptic Systems.

Calibrating – Single Pass Emission Monitors

All of our open path, optical emission monitors rely on the local plant structure to determine both the length and the angular alignment of their light path. Due to the variations found between installations, our monitors are required to work with a wide range of signal strengths, this is why it is impossible for us…

Dynoptic Operator Interfaces

To support our range of dust, particulate and smoke emission monitors, Acoem Dynoptic Operator Interfaces are available as optional accessories to provide ground level monitoring and control of instrumentation installed out of reach, often, high up on a stack. Our standard operator interface provides a display for real time emission readings giving instant reassurance the…

We are Recruiting – Senior Technical Support & Service Engineer

Due to continued success and ambitious growth plans, Dynoptic Systems Ltd are pleased to announce an exciting opportunity to join our team as a Senior Technical Support & Service Engineer, based at our head office near Banbury in Oxfordshire. Working with colleagues within the company, partners across the group, and end customers around the world, this role will…
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