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The importance of clean purge air

Clean monitor optics are critical to achieve accurate and reliable opacity and particulate measurements. As part of a successful installation, Acoem Dynoptic emission monitors require a continuous supply of purge air while the process is running. This is to prevent process emissions from contaminating the monitor’s optical surface which can cause false high readings and more frequent servicing.

Acoem Dynoptic air-purge bodies are designed to operate with an air flow into each body in the region of 50 to 200 litres/min. The lower flow rate is sufficient to overcome typical stack gas flow fluctuations and the upper flow rate is to prevent the flow of purge air from affecting the optical measurement.
Clean air is supplied to the purge air body which is installed directly in front of the monitor. The image below shows our stainless steel and aluminium purge air bodies.

As well as emission monitors, Acoem Dynoptic can provide a range of accessories including Air Blowers and Compresses air kits to deliver the purge air to the monitors installed on a stack. Our Air Blowers can be specified with 110Vac, 230Vac single phase and 415Vac three phase power supply options.

As standard we supply and fit a high quality <5μm air filter to ensure the purge air itself is clean, air hose is also available to order.  The image on the right below shows a typical installation with a single blower providing air to both sides of the stack via a T piece hose connection.

If compressed air is available near the monitor’s installation location Acoem Dynoptic can provide a compressed air kit comprising of a regulator, filter and fittings. Filtration of compressed air is important to remove contamination and traces of oil. This system does not require power so it is simple to install.

We have supplied 100s of blowers and compressed air kits to customer across the world, they are a reliable solution designed to work with our emission monitors making installation easy and ensuring long term, trouble free operation. If you would like more information on our purge air systems or to discuss an Opacity, Particulate or Dust emission monitoring application please contact Acoem Dynoptic team directly and we will be happy to help.


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