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Smart Solutions for Industrial Emissions Monitoring

Accurate, reliable monitoring of smoke, dust, and particulate emissions from industrial applications, helps ensure safer and more efficient manufacturing and combustion processes. It is also critical to protecting the safety, health and wellbeing of local communities and maintaining ambient air quality standards to comply with environmental regulations. For more than 35 years, ACOEM Dynoptic has

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Keeping air quality safer for children:

ACOEM installs first Healthy Schools Index in Asia at Bangkok school   Every child should feel safe and healthy at school, no matter where that school is located. In Bangkok, Thailand, where air pollution can be problematic especially during the winter months from December to February, ACOEM has recently installed the first Healthy Schools Index

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ACOEM Opacity monitors for Biomass Boiler applications

Biomass fuel is defined as land or sea based material such as wood, dried vegetation, crop residues and aquatic plants, biomass fuel can also include household waste. Biomass boilers are designed to burn this combustible material, the energy generated by the combustion process heats water inside the boiler. The hot water and steam produced is

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Join the ACOEM team for a live webinar to learn more about our technology and how our solution streamlines your security protocol. We’ll talk through what makes Acoustic Treat Detection unique, share a demonstration video so you can see it in action, and conduct a live Q&A at the end. Register now. Date: Thursday, 10

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Single or Double Pass Light transmission monitors?

A decision to employ either single or double pass measurement technology must be made when specifying continuous emission monitors that use the light transmission technique. The single pass systems consist of a transmitter and receiver installed on opposite sides of the stack. A light beam emitted from the transmitter passes across the stack to a

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